Sea Of Thieves Update 2.0.12 Is Out, Crews of Rage

Sea Of Thieves has received Update 2.0.12. You can now download this patch on PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One. You will find that Sea Of Thieves Update 2.0.12 has some quality of life improvements, feature fixes, new cosmetics, and much more. Something else that stands out in this patch is that the second monthly content update of 2020 has arrived in the form of Crews of Rage.

Sea of ​​Thieves is an online multiplayer pirate game exclusive to Microsoft, developed by Rare for the Xbox One and PC platforms. One of the great strengths of this title is that it allows cross play between the players of Windows 10 and Xbox One to create a huge, varied and rich pirate universe. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Sea Of Thieves Update 2.0.12.

Our second monthly content update of the year has arrived in the form of Crews of Rage! Alongside your usual round of new quality of life updates, feature fixes and new cosmetics added to the Pirate Emporium and Black Market, players can also enjoy the ability to change their pirate’s appearance as well a valuable (and temperamental) addition to the treasure trove of loot hidden across the Sea of Thieves.

Chest of Rage

Rumours tell of a mysterious new Cursed Chest being protected by the skeletons of The Devil’s Roar. The Chest of Rage burns hotter and hotter over time, and players must manage the heat using water to prevent it from setting itself off! If the chest overheats, it releases a shockwave that sets fire to any nearby ships, players or skeletons.

Attacking a Chest of Rage can also cause it to overheat, which can be used to your advantage. The Gold Hoarders are eager to retrieve the Chests of Rage and will reward players with reputation and gold for their efforts. However, crews looking for a larger payout at the expense of rep can deliver these chests to the Masked Stranger at The Reaper’s Hideout for double gold!

Following the Sea Of Thieves Crews of Rage update, the Chest of Rage will persist as an emergent discovery in the world along with a guaranteed reward upon clearing Molten Sands Fortress.

Bounty of Rage Voyages

Skeleton crews have been spotted coveting these mysterious new chests and protecting them within the perilous region of The Devil’s Roar. Duke offers players a range of Bounty Voyages, tasking them to venture into The Devil’s Roar to retrieve a Chest of Rage and thwart the skeletons’ plans, before returning with the Chest and giving the skellies a taste of their own medicine!

Defeating a Skeleton Lord during the Voyage will also reward crews with a stash of Rag and Bone Crates and Gifts. All Bounty of Rage Voyages are time-limited for the duration of the Crews of Rage update.

Legendary Bounty of Rage Voyage

Pirate Legend crews are tasked with a deadlier Voyage into The Devil’s Roar to retrieve a Chest of Rage, before harnessing its power to defeat a range of skeleton threats. So Legends should prepare for a harder encounter, but will be rewarded with quicker progress towards the Ashen Treasures Commendations!

The Legendary Bounty of Rage Voyage is time-limited for the duration of the Sea Of Thieves Crews of Rage update.

Molten Sands Fortress

At the heart of heightened skeleton activity within The Devil’s Roar, Molten Sands Fortress is the only Skeleton Fort active in this update and sees Ashen Skeletons defending the Fort ferociously alongside Skeleton Lords.

Crews willing to brave the flames and conquer the Fortress will be rewarded with Ashen Treasure along with a guaranteed Ashen Chest and the rumoured Chest of Rage, in addition to Skeleton Orders leading to a stash of Rag and Bone Crates!

Ashen Treasures Commendations and Rewards: Volume 4

Duke and the Outpost stores both have new stocks of Ashen cosmetics, rewarding players for collecting the final volume of Ashen Tomes hidden inside recovered Ashen Chests. In the Crews of Rage update, players can recover new Tomes of Resurrection, giving them access to the final set of Commendations and cosmetics including items from the weapon and ship sets.

Players will also continue to find Tomes of Curses, Tomes of Power and Tomes of Fire, providing access to previous Ashen cosmetics. All Ashen Treasures Commendations and rewards will become a permanent addition to the Outpost stores after the Crews of Rage update.

Here you will find the complete list of Sea Of Thieves Update 2.0.12 patch notes. I remind you that Rare and Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves released on March 20, 2018 for Xbox One and Windows 10.