New Outriders Gameplay Brought To You By Angry Joe

With People Can Fly’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Outriders coming closer and closer to its holiday release date, more and more Outriders gameplay has been showing up across YouTube lately. Most recently, YouTuber AngryJoe and two of his friends got to play the game and record a good bit of it.

Outriders, first revealed at E3 2019 takes place on a distant planet far from Earth, where colonists from that dying planet come to start a new life. However, an unknown power called the Anomaly changes a select few, giving them tremendous powers that they must use to survive on their new home.

Players in Outriders can pick from four different classes, each with their own unique skill trees and abilities to control the elements of the planet Enoch against enemies, as they embark on a desperate journey to discover the source of their powers.

As the Outriders gameplay that Angry Joe posted shows, Outriders takes its own crack at the formula tarted by other games like Destiny and the Division, being a mixture of gunplay and abilities in an RPG-like scenario that also includes a large amount of loot, both in terms of guns and armor.

From what Angry Joe himself says, Outriders is only multiplayer in the fact that you can play it with two other people at once, rather than having the game be a big shared-world shooter like the games it’s trying to imitate. This could be a good-enough spin on the title that it might find its own successful niche, despite how much it seems to take from other games.

While People Can Fly has more than a few shooter games under its belt already, including Gears of War: Judgement and Bulletstorm, it will take a good bit of work to make Outriders look distinct enough from The Division and Destiny to make people interested in it for anything beyond a short amount of time. The game will be coming out on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC in Holiday 2020. To see Joe’s gameplay, click this link.