Ninja Decides To Be A Try-Hard On Twitter Over Fortnite

Competitiveness is something that’s especially bad in a lot of video games, and in some places none more so than Fortnite. Streamer Ninja recently decided to give his point of view on Twitter, “calling out” casual gamers who don’t have playing Fortnite for hours on end as a career choice.

In Ninja’s own words, saying “It’s just a game” is a “weak mindset.” It’s important to continue to be angry after you lose a match in a game, whether in Fortnite or something else. Being angry after a match gives you the drive to improve, and eventually win.

Following this train of thought, Ninja said that if you stop being angry after a match, you’ve lost twice. While the message is there, that you should never settle and alway be willing to learn from defeat, the tweet attracted no small amount of reactions from people.

Considering the toxic attitude that comes from many gamers in multiplayer games, ranging from Call of Duty to MOBAs like League of Legends, it’s no surprise that an opinion like this would be controversial. Considering Ninja’s huge audience, this might even worsen the issue.

While it’s also possible to be toxic as a player even if you don’t lose a game, Fortnite is already responsible for alleged poor behavior in a lot of children who have supposedly become addicted to it, whether through addiction or simply not being able to take losing in stride.

And even then, older people are also sore losers who just get angry and don’t try to learn from their mistakes. One could look at any of the innumerable messages from sore losers who accuse the players who beat them of “hacking” or using lag to their advantage.

Hopefully, people that see these sorts of tweets will learn the difference between wanting to improve and just being salty.