Marvel’s Avengers Action Figure Reveals New Version Of The Hulk

Marvel fans seem to be getting bits and pieces of information these days related to the upcoming Avengers game. A new Marvel’s Avengers: Action Figure shows one of Hulk’s alternate costumes.

A new Hulk action figure recently came out that is a part of the Marvel’s Avengers pre-order bundle. Fans are already aware that the Hulk will be a part of the five playable characters in Marvel’s Avengers but this new toy gives us a look at a different skin for the Hulk. The action figure is called “Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Outback Hulk”. This ‘Outback Hulk’ is grey-colored instead of green and has a beard. The action figure also comes with two swappable sets of hands and faces.

This looks like a barbaric form of the Hulk with the white paintings and ropes around his arms. It almost reminds us of a savage version of Joe Fixit, which is a more intelligent version of the Hulk in the comics. Ever since fans got to see the character designs in the upcoming Avengers game, they have been a bit skeptical. The characters look like an older version of their younger selves.

Hulk’s new action figure leads us to believe that Iron Man isn’t the only one getting multiple skins. Hopefully, new alternative skins will allow fans to overlook the tired and weary look of the characters.

We have been experiencing leaks galore when it comes to Crystal Dynamic’s latest project. From leaked achievement lists to an upcoming early deluxe edition of the game, fans have been getting showered with tidbits from the upcoming Avengers game.

Last month, Crystal Dynamics announced that Marvel’s Avengers will be delayed so that the team can fully develop the game. The game was originally set to come out on May 15 but was pushed back to September 4. The longer a game is in development, the higher the chance of information leaking out. But, fans are willing to wait and revel in these morsels of information while waiting for a polished and finished product from Crystal Dynamics.