New The Witcher 3 Update Allows PC Cross-Saves To The Switch

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still going strong as the flagship game for CD Projekt Red. A new Witcher 3 update now allows players to bring their saved games from Steam and GOG to their favorite handheld console, Nintendo Switch.

Last year, The Witcher 3 received a port for the Nintendo Switch which was great news for Switch fans. Ever since the release, fans have been wondering if the game will receive an update that could possibly improve visual fidelity. Last month, it was confirmed that the Witcher 3 will get an update on the Switch.

The patch notes for this new Witcher 3 update contain warnings related to the cross-save feature. If the saved file’s name has been changed on the PC, Switch’s Cloud Save feature will not be able to identify the file. Saved files also run the risk of bringing mod-related bugs and blockers from a modded PC game to the Switch.

Cross-saves is not the only feature in this new update. Various new graphics options are now available which include the option to adjust the depth of field, motion blur, and anti-aliasing. The Switch’s hardware isn’t on par with other platforms such as the PlayStation 4, PC or Xbox One. Due to this limited power, the Switch is unable to provide a stunning visual experience while playing The Witcher 3. The improved graphics options may make the game a little more pleasing to look at on the handheld console.

The update also includes touch support control and the addition of more languages in some regions. According to CD Projekt Red, the update fixed some bugs and improved the performance of the game. More voice-over languages in the form of free DLC’s in selected regions will come later according to the developers.

It looks like the Switch port for The Witcher 3 is proving to be well worth it. With the addition of the cross-save option, players can now play their favorite action RPG game on the go with a little more ease.