New Batman Game Rumor Suggests It Will Be A Complete Reboot

It was already rumored that the new Batman game will be a soft reboot for the Arkham franchise. Turns out a known insider, Sabi is now suggesting that the new game will, in fact, be a complete reboot.

Sabi is known for spreading rumors and leaking information especially relating to Nintendo stuff. He recently got the opportunity to talk to inside sources close to the latest WB Games Montreal project.

According to Sabi, the new Batman game is rumored to take place in a completely new universe. This new Batman universe will have nothing to do with the Arkham saga. This is what Sabi had to say in his tweet:

Now that I’ve talked to multiple people on it… the new Batman game does seem to be a reboot. The name also changed during development. On the bright side, the Court of Owls is still a big focus, as I said before.

This statement points to the end of the previous Batman game trilogy, story-wise. Sabi mentions that the title of the game was altered during development. This indicates that at some point, the game was intended to be a soft reboot. It looks like plans changed and WB Montreal decided to base this upcoming game in a completely new universe.

We have to keep in mind that these rumors are not official statements. The term reboot tells us that the new Batman game may borrow gameplay elements from the older games but the lore will take a new direction. At this point, the difference between reboot and a soft reboot could depend on our interpretation of the term.

Batman seems to be making a comeback in the games and movies department. A teaser was released a few days ago which gave us a look at Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit. The new suit seemed to resemble the Batsuit from the Arkham games with its thin bat symbol and armored look. With the new Batman movie coming out in 2021, WB Games Montreal has a golden opportunity to release the game around that time.

A recent gameplay leak also hinted at the inclusion of the Court of Owls in the upcoming Batman game. It seems like the secret villainous society will still be a huge part of the game according to Sabi’s statements. Hopefully, WB Games gives us an official announcement soon regarding the release of the upcoming Batman game.