Final Fantasy VII Remake File Size Will Be Hefty, Two Physical Discs

Since the reveal of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Fans have been excited ever since to relive some of the most iconic moments in the game with enhanced graphics. With the release of the remake getting closer, we are getting more and more information about the game.

Now, t looks like some online images of the blu-ray box for the game confirm that the Final Fantasy VII remake file size will be 100gb.

At E3 2019, Square Enix revealed that the Final Fantasy VII remake would be shipped on two blu ray discs. It looks like the Korean cover for the game’s blu ray box had some images that surface online. The back of the box seemingly confirms the 100gb size of the upcoming RPG remake.

People expected that the Final Fantasy VII remake will be jam-packed with cutscenes which can take up a lot of space. Even though Square Enix has stated that the title will be a “full game”. This means that on top of having content based on the original game, the remake will also have new elements. We don’t know if the gameplay or the narrative or both will be altered.

The humongous size of the remake does seem to indicate that modern titles are now becoming bigger and bigger. With that being said, the size of 100gb for a game out of the box is ridiculous. This does not even take into account any DLCs or patches.

Games like Resident Evil 2 remake and Spiderman (2018) pale in comparison when it comes to game size. Both these games had a size of 26gb and 46gb respectively.

Players may have to consider buying extra storage just to have this game on their console. At this point, you might not get the luxury of having multiple games on your hard drive at once. This reminds us of the old days when you had to pick which game you wanted to install because of limited storage space.

Final Fantasy VII remake is set to arrive on March 3, 2020, on the PlayStation 4.