Victoria II Security Update Released, Addressed LUA Security Issue

Victoria II has received a security update. You can now download this patch on PC (Steam). You will find that Victoria II Security Update is quite a small update as it mainly focuses on some security issues. Something that stands out in this patch is that they resolved a security issue tied to the way Victoria II LUA libraries were loaded for mods. Take note that your save files should be unaffected.

The creators of the Europa Universalis saga sign the second installment of Victoria, this historical strategy and RTS game set in the First World War. Like the first Victory, the title allows the player to be in charge of a State and control all political, diplomatic, economic, military and technological aspects of it. Below you will find theĀ complete list of Victoria II Security Update patch notes.

Greetings! To resolve a security issue tied to the way LUA libraries were loaded for mods we released a minor update. This update will not change your version number or cheksum, and save files should be unaffected. The update has already been applied through Steam.

  • To prevent IO or system/OS access in Lua (to prevent mods abusing it), we want to disable the `luaopen_io` and `luaopen_os` functions in the LUA library/dll. These are updated LUA libraries with that functionality disabled in Victoria II.
  • This does not change behavior of the base game, or impact the multiplayer checksum. Some mods might use these libraries for benign purposes, but unfortunately they will not function after this fix.

I remind you that Paradox Interactive’s Victoria II released on August 31, 2010 for PC; and September 17, 2010 for MacOS.

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