Robert Pattinson’s Batman Suit Matches Arkham Knight

Yesterday, we finally got a teaser screenshot of what Robert Pattinson will look like in his new role as Batman, including what his suit will look like. However, many Batman fans are actually thinking that Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit looks a lot lie the Batman suit from Arkham Knight.

The visuals on the suit originally came from a camera test that was posted to Vimeo earlier this week. Like the Batman Arkham Knight suit, the suit looks a lot more like a suit of armor, composed of a large number of segmented metal plates rather than tights as in the original suit or the bullet-proof vest of the Nolan suit.

However, while the armor portion of Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit matches the Arkham Knight Batman suit, there are a few other qualities on the costume that call to mind various other Batman mediums. For instance, Batman’s cowl brings the original Batman series starring Adam West to mind.

The bat symbol on the suit’s chest is also in reference to the Batman comics, specifically Batman issue 1,000, when Batman took the gun used to murder his parents and melted it down to turn into the insignia on his chest.

At the same time, the director of the Robert Pattinson Batman movie, Matt Reeves, has won praise from fans of the Batman Arkham games including Arkham Knight, for the design of the suit. Pattinson will be the third most recent actor to play Batman, after Christopher Bale and Ben Affleck took on the role in previous films.

Since Matt Reeves is responsible for directing the most recent iteration of the “Planet of the Apes” movies, all of which were well-reviewed, hopefully his foray into the Batman universe turns out to be just as good. We’ll be able to see Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit in action when the film debuts on June 25 of 2021.