Future Remedy Projects Include Next-Gen Control, Multiplayer, Multiple Others

Remedy Entertainment has gotten back in the saddle after the success of its last few games like Quantum Break and Control, and according to a Twitter post from Daniel Ahmad, the studio already has four future Remedy projects in progress, including porting Control to next-gen consoles when they release.

Control isn’t just getting a next-gen port, however. Apparently, two other paid DLCs for the game are also in development as part of the projects currently underway at Remedy, allowing us to go even deeper into new areas of the Oldest House.

According to Ahmad’s Twitter post, the other future Remedy projects currently being worked on include things like an unannounced project about to enter pre-production, a new multiplayer and service game called Vanguard, and CrossFire X, an upcoming shooter that’s also got a multiplayer component.

Control has gotten a lot of praise since its release, winning numerous awards and even being in the running for game of the year and even winning on various sites like IGN. It stands to reason that Remedy would want to continue to support it, especially going into the next generation.

That’s not to say that Remedy has remained the same size, however. The studio has increased to over 250 employees, and will be moving on to a multi-project model going forward. Considering the long breaks between Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control (Alan Wake came out in 2010, Quantum Break in 2016, Control in 2019), it might help Remedy to put out more games.

CrossFire X and the two Control expansions will both be coming out at some point this year, though we don’t know exactly when. Since the other unannounced projects are only in pre-production, we’ll likely be waiting for a good while until we learn anything about them.

Hopefully, the future Remedy projects will be just as good as the ones that we’ve already played from them, and be able to take the studio to even greater new heights. If you’d like to play Control now, you can currently buy it on PC, Xbox One, or Playstation 4.