PlayStation 5 Production Schedule Not Affected By Coronavirus

The devastating coronavirus outbreak had an adverse effect on everyday life in China. The outbreak even affected the video-game industry in some capacity. Fans were wondering if the PlayStation 5 production schedule would be halted due to the deadly virus. It looks like that is not the case.

Fans were worried if their favorite upcoming consoles would face a delay due to the coronavirus. According to sources from Bloomberg, the coronavirus outbreak has not affected the preparations for the production of the PS5 . Sony also stated that they have not decided on how many PS5 units they will make in the first year.

Sony is supposedly not concerned about the coronavirus issue but rather their focus is on determining the price of the PlayStation 5. With the release of a new generation of smartphones, NAND Flash and DRAM are in high demand. The cost of these parts has increased which reportedly increased the production cost of the PlayStation 5.

At the end of January, the organizers of the Taipei Game Show canceled the event in wake of the coronavirus outbreak. The event was originally scheduled to take place at the beginning of February. The organizers will make efforts to conduct the game show sometime in the summer season. Several game publications were avoiding the event due to the outbreak which ended up being the reason for the cancellation.

China is at the forefront when it comes to console production. The country is responsible for producing over 90 percent of the machines for Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Recently we found out that the production of the Nintendo Switch was delayed due to the coronavirus. Both production and shipments were impacted. Apart from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft were also at risk of getting caught up in the repercussions of the coronavirus.

Looks like Sony and Microsoft are lucky to have avoided any delays. PlayStation fans can rejoice as the PS5 production preparations seem to be on track.