Marvel’s Avengers Leaks Deluxe Edition With Five-Day Early Access

Marvel’s Avengers only has a lonesome standard edition for those interested in securing an early copy for their desired platform. That has been the case for a while now but publisher Square Enix was expected to eventually add other editions down the road. That day looks to be finally here.

Earlier today, a new deluxe edition was spotted to have surfaced for Marvel’s Avengers on the official Microsoft Store. Without any confirmations, it can be safely assumed that the listing was taken down soon after going live. That is if the image below is authentic, which certainly looks to be the case.

The interesting thing to take away here is that this mysterious deluxe edition will be releasing on August 31, five days earlier than the standard edition which launches on September 4. Square Enix may possibly add more pre-order incentives but for the time being, players pre-ordering the deluxe edition will get to jump into Marvel’s Avengers nearly a week before everyone else.

Marvel’s Avengers was recently delayed by several months. The game was previously tagged to release on May 15 for all supported platforms. In an open letter last month, Crystal Dynamics co-heads Scot Amos and Ron Rosenberg noted that the decision was a difficult but necessary one. Crystal Dynamics is committed to deliver a polished and original product and in that light, Marvel’s Avengers needs to adhere to high standards that fans expect and deserve. Hence, why the extensive delay.

Crystal Dynamics has repeatedly pointed out that while Marvel’s Avengers looks to be simple and straightforward at first glance, there’s sufficient depth for players to explore. Each superhero has advantages and fitted for particular situations. Part of the experience will be studying the best possible builds and compositions between the playable roster.

As mentioned before, Marvel’s Avengers will have a campaign length of somewhere between ten and twelve hours. Spending time in exploration and side missions (and a bit of grinding) will add about twenty hours but the main storyline can be completed within the same parameters.

As another reminder, Marvel’s Avengers will now release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4, 2020.

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