Dying Light 2’s Parkour System Is Getting Polished

It has been said before as well. Dying Light 2 will have a parkour system worthy enough to surpass the one from the original.

Jeremy over at vg247 got a chance to talk to Bartosz ‘Glova’ Kulon who is the head of the parkour system for the franchise. Glova is the person who accidentally invented the grappling hook in the game. The grappling hook in Dying light could literally teleport you where you wanted. It was created when Glova after had an accident in his algorithms. The purpose of the grappling hook is to complement the parkour system, not replace it.

It’s more physics-based like a Tarzan or Spider-Man thing. It won’t be abused because you have to have something above you to swing from.

The range of the grappling hook will be limited in Dying Light 2. Players will be able to use it when they are mid-air and close to to the next rooftop. Something to remember by. Dying Light 2 has 50,000 ledges in one map and more are being added. According to Glova, it was a nightmare to work on so many objects. The last-gen consoles had too little memory to support so many ledges. In the sequel, ledges will be detected during the runtime. The game will work to find potential ledges for you as you are running. You could literally climb any surface if you wanted to.

The game also helps players to determine if a jump is possible. “You’re expecting either to jump further or closer,” says Glova. Players cannot possibly make minute calculations while running to determine where they will jump and land. Techland solves this problem by giving players ‘coyote time’. This trick gives the players an extra moment to press jump after they leave the platform.

Your character will also not stumble upon clutter and small object to make you run fluently. After the player has jumped, the game will predict your landing spot and alter your velocity to make your landing possible.

We are doing a lot of tricks behind the scenes,” Glova says. “The player feels like they’re actually doing these crazy stunts but we are actually helping them a lot.

We heard last year that mastering parkour won’t be easy in dying light. With more than 50,000 ledges, there is no doubt that it will take some time to get used to it. According to Glova, the first Mirror’s Edge showed how to implement the parkour system in a first-person game. They intend to make the Dying Light franchise a benchmark for this genre.

Techland recently announced that Dying Light 2 is delayed. There is no official release date for the game at the moment.