ConcernedApe Announces Stardew Valley Spinoff Games On Twitter

If you’re one of the ten million people that have bought and love Stardew Valley, then developer ConcernedApe has good news for you. A recent Twitter exchange involving them announced that he was currently working on two separate Stardew Valley spinoff games, though we don’t know much more than that.

Stardew Valley originally launched as a very zen farming simulator where players helped to farm the land that their late grandfather bequeathed to them. Along with farming, players can sell their produce in the nearby town of Pelican Bay, go into the mines to fight monsters, and more.

While ConcernedApe didn’t say what each of these Stardew Valley spinoff games would feature, he did say that one does not involve farming (despite taking place in the game’s world) and the other is at least connected to the game in some way.

At the same time, ConcernedApe has warned fans to not get too hyped up just yet. Rather than making another smash-hit indie game, he just wants to make another fun game that he’s happy with, and is asking for a low-pressure development cycle.

Considering how popular Stardew Valley is, that might be asking for too much, but hopefully fans of the games will be able to wait out ConcernedApe’s development time without pestering him. After all, Stardew Valley was also a one-man project that took four years to make.

While we may not see results for either game until possibly 2024 going by that timetable or less (or even more), considering how well Stardew Valley was received, hopefully both of the Stardew Valley spinoff games will end up being just as good.

We might find out more about both of these games in the coming years, but in the meantime fans of ConcernedApe’s work will be able to refrain from annoying him asking for updates.