Sony Guide Assistant Patent Would Guide Players When Stuck For Small Fee

Have you ever been confused as to where to go next in a wide-open game or stuck on a puzzle that you just can’t figure out? A new Sony guide assistant patent has been filed recently that would allow you to get help on a Sony game for a small fee.

The new platform, which Sony’s patent refers to as an “in-game resource surfacing platform”, would allow a voice in the game to point out an objective that you’re stuck on and how you would overcome the issue, including the possibility of buying items from an in-game store.

The Sony guide assistant patent would be using a language processing system that will combine with player data from both individual and collective players, and would illustrate how to beat things like certain bosses with on-screen prompts.

Along with those two methods, the Sony help patent can also point out skills and items that other players that have played the same game have chosen. The platform would trawl the Internet looking for such hints, which could save you a trip to Google if you’re stuck.

The thought process brings to mind the microtransaction faux pas brought up by Warner Bros in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, which added in microtransactions to the exclusively single-player game where players could buy Orc captains at a high level, which was touted as vital to the Shadow Wars endgame segment.

Hint systems are nothing new in many game, as developers often put in hint systems or an option to switch to easy mode after several failures into their games. However, the patent system proposed by Sony would be the first to make a microtransaction out of this.

Time will only tell how popular this Sony guide assistant patent would be if Sony actually goes through with it, but some players might make use of it for puzzle games or other adventure games that include puzzles in their gameplay. You can find the design of the patent in the link up at the top.