More Raid Content Teased For YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse

YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse is not done. The recently added NieR: Automata-themed raid expansion to Final Fantasy 14 still has content in the works, which the developers believe will leave players (and fans) of both franchises stunned.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine for the latest issue, Yoko Taro, director of NieR: Automata and writer for YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, teased that “not all of the scenarios have been released yet” and content currently in the pipelines remains a secret for the time being.

Responding to the same question of how splitting up content for an online game will ensure players want to return, Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy 14, stated that YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse “will continue to bring surprises that will make people want to play”. Further adding that the new content will actually raise a lot of questions — the good kind.

Both Taro and Yoshida have asked everyone to keep a look out for upcoming announcements. Based on the statements given, Square Enix is probably planning some meaty gameplay footage for the next raid update soon.

We will continue to bring surprises that will make people want to play when they see the videos, and make them think “You’re really doing that in an MMORPG?!”

For those still unaware, YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse is a crossover raid expansion based on NieR: Automata that was released for Final Fantasy 14 last year. The Copied Factory is a level 80 24-man raid (available now) and the first part of YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse. Those who successfully complete the questline get to make their character look like the much-beloved androids from NieR: Automata in Final Fantasy 14 through various rewards obtained during progression.

With months gone by, players were wondering when the next part of the raid will be released. Square Enix was never going to release YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse in one piece anyway. Every MMORPG splits its new content to be released in waves. Final Fantasy 14 is going the same as well. YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, though, looks to have several more updates in store. Players should keep their fingers crossed but Square Enix probably has several more raids in the works.