Modern Warfare Leaks Battle Royale Mode Warzone

Infinity Ward appears to be working on a battle royale mode called Warzone behind the scenes of the new Modern Warfare. Following the recent update for the second season, a leak has surfaced that suggests the developer to be preparing an announcement for the coming days, at least once internal testing and necessary preparations have concluded.

Taking to Reddit earlier today, an anonymous user shared an image to confirm Warzone as the long rumored battle royale mode of Modern Warfare. The image has since then been taken down, but not before internet sleuths saved a copy which you can see for yourself below.

There’s obviously no way to verify the authenticity of the leak but according to the source, someone close to Infinity Ward helped provide the image. For what it’s worth, the image pretty much speaks for itself as well. Neither Infinity Ward nor Activision have issued a statement at the time of writing. Hence, Warzone remains a rumor, albeit a strong one at that, for now.

The only concern is that Warzone will be releasing for Modern Warfare fairly late. Activision has plans to release another Call of Duty game later in the year, much like how the publisher has done in the past. This means that if Warzone releases for Modern Warfare by next month, fans of the franchise will have around seven to eight months before jumping over to the next Call of Duty installment. Hence, it would be interesting to see just how Activision plans to manage things from hereon. Whether the next Call of Duty game will be delayed to sustain Modern Warfare further, or Warzone will be cancelled to accompany the new Call of Duty installment? In either case, battle royale is here to stay.

Modern Warfare generated a 4-percent higher revenue during the launch quarter than Black Ops 4 for the same period. The important thing to note here is that purchasable in-game content was made available in Modern Warfare in December, about three months after release. Even then, players spent nearly $78.7 million in one month, as much as the amount spent in Black Ops 4 for the entire first quarter which came to be nearly $92.9 million.