Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 Hotfix 6 Released, Bug Fixes And Improvements

Deep Rock Galactic has received Update 28 Hotfix 6. You can now download this hotfix on PC (Steam). You will find that Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 Hotfix 6 has a few bug fixes and improvements. Something that stands out in this hotfix is that they fixed a bug with Driller and Engineer level up milestone set to 4 for the first step and they added effects to Shield Link perk.

This is an attractive action and exploration proposal with a nice science fiction backdrop. The game is mainly focused on cooperative gameplay as a first-person shooter. With a major emphasis on teamwork, and with several class options to choose from, this game offers procedurally generated worlds and with enormous possibilities of destruction. Below you will find the complete list of Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 Hotfix 6 patch notes.

This hotfix includes several miscellaneous bugfixes and improvements to the sound, visuals and functionality of certain perks. Look out for a new animation for taming Glyphids, improved effects for Shield Link, and damage reduction of the Veteran Depositor perk to now also apply near the Minehead! We have also managed to resolve an issue which prevented perk cooldowns from properly showing in the UI.

  • More Paint Job / Framework separation improvements.
  • Unstoppable Perk now affects a lot more slowing effects.
  • Added a new animation when the player tames a Glyphid in Deep Rock Galactic.
  • Added effects to Shield Link perk.
  • Improved Shield Link perk sounds.
  • Fixed a bug with Driller and Engineer level up milestone set to 4 for the first step.
  • Impact Axes can now be picked up while the player is airborne.
  • Fixed a crash caused by latejoining.
  • Damage Reduction of the Veteran Depositor perk now also applies to the Minehead on Point Extraction missions.
  • Added Beastmaster activation particles in Deep Rock Galactic.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the perk cooldown display after someone latejoins.
  • Fixed a bug that made enemies completely ignore dead players.

I remind you that Ghost Ship Games’ Deep Rock Galactic released for PC in early access and Xbox One Preview on February 28, 2018.

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