CS:GO Caster On Riot’s Project A: “Best Game Since CS:GO”

Riot Games has been working on a character-based first-person shooter codenamed Project A that remains in early production and hence, without any release date. The only details available for now are that Riot Games wants Project A to have an esports future, which must be why the developer recently invited professionals from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) community to play-test the current build of the game and share their insights.

Taking to Twitter earlier in the week, former professional and current caster Henry “HenryG” Greer revealed that he recently spent an entire day playing Project A at Riot Games in Europe. While legal bindings prevented him from going into too much detail, he did share enough for everyone to get a better understanding of what kind of game Project A will ultimately end up as.

To start with, Project A will be a round-based five-versus-five tactical first-person shooter similar to CS:GO but with “slightly diluted” character-based elements from games like Overwatch and Apex Legends. However, those unique abilities will be more of a tactical nature rather than a potentially overpowered combinations of ultimates. Riot Games has managed to find a balance between those two gameplay styles while keeping the competitive part intact.

Based on what Greer said, Project A looks like CS:GO but with Overwatch-like abilities — if you can even imagine that. One major difference being that the abilities have to be purchased at the start of a round like weapons instead of earning them over time. Speaking of which, weapons have varied spray patterns and designed for different kinds of situations. CS:GO players will love spending time to master all of those spray patterns, as well as executing “super slick and satisfying” weapon mechanics.

The economy system takes from CS:GO as well and players can choose to not invest too much into rounds so as to have enough for a comeback in the rounds after. In addition, the maps of Project A are beautifully created with CS:GO-like familiar routes and choke points.

Finally, Greer dropped a bombshell that in his personal opinion, Project A “is the best game” he has ever played since CS:GO. That’s substantial praise coming from a person with a long history of CS:GO action. He remembered to also add that he was not requested or dictated by Riot Games to shower Project A with positivity. More details have been promised at a later date, which might suggest that Riot Games could possibly be prepping a behind-the-scenes reveal as well.

Project A is just one of many other games in the works at Riot Games. There’s Project F, a supposed World of Warcraft but reimagined as a World of Runeterra with an isometric perspective and hack-and-slash elements. There’s Project L, a fighting game with characters from the League of Legends universe. You can go through everything that Riot Games is currently cooking here.

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