Team Deathmatch Sneaks Into PUBG

PUBG was for long rumored to be getting Team Deathmatch. Those rumors have now been confirmed after the new mode was accidentally pushed to live servers earlier today.

PUBG professional Russell “Xtreme” Walters first brought the matter to attention by posting a screenshot of the mode. “Eliminate enemy squads by any means necessary” reads the description, which pretty much summarizes what Team Deathmatch offers, or will offer after the official release.

Take note that PUBG Corp. has still not made a formal announcement at the time of writing. Considering that the cat is out of the bag, the developer will probably use the opportunity to unleash more details for players.

In the battle royale environment, players will respawn near their teammates after dying in Team Deathmatch and be granted a short period of invincibility to combat spawn-killing. In addition, racking up kills in the mode will grant large amounts of healing. Unlike the traditional battle royale setup though, eight players will be pitted against eight others in first-person perspective on a randomly chosen map with set loadouts to choose from.

Team Deathmatch is also something that players have been requesting for a long time. However, that is not the only mode in the works. The same leak also shows two other modes being added to PUBG down the road. They have been taken down since then but leaves room open for speculations as to what the developer intends to add to the game.

PUBG recently received a new map called Karakin, featuring an arid, rocky environment that provides wide-open terrain and challenging engagements. It’s small, fast, and dangerous: Expect the tension of Miramar combined with the pace of Sanhok. Maximum of 64 players can play on Karakin per match. Players should expect long distance rifle engagements in the mountains, tactical urban conflict, and claustrophobic underground combat. And with the introduction of the Black Zone, Karakin reveals its twist: a map that’s layout changes every match.

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