Stoneshard Hunting and Cooking Guide

Stoneshard hunting and cooking mechanics are just as fun as any other game. It’s an engaging little activity to make you some money, and earn you some meat. Your survivability won’t be an issue if you are an avid hunter in the dense world of Stoneshard.

Stoneshard Hunting and Cooking

Hunting in Stoneshard
Where do I hunt? Well, that’s simple, there is the forest areas harboring different species of animals, just waiting to be hunted by you. Normal hunting rules apply; you need to stay out of sight and not scare your prey.

Getting the jump on your prey is necessary. Get close to the animal by using rocks and trees, close the distance, and attack it as much as you can.

If your prey starts to flee, then it’s best to use a bow, if you don’t have that, simply use the Mutilating Lunge skill of your axe in order to close the distance.

There’s an exploit you can use to your advantage. If you are the corner of the map, or close to it at least, whatever animal that is running away from you, will not be able to exit that map chunk, which means they are at your mercy.

Following are all the items you will be able to find throughout your time hunting in the game:

  • Venison Meat – Obtained from Deer and Moose, cooked Venison reduces hunger by 40% and increases Hunger Resistance by 15%. Cooked Venison sells for 35 gold, raw sells for 20 gold.
  • Deer Hide – Hide can be sold for 50 gold.
  • Deer Antlers – Can be sold for 50 gold.
  • Moose Hide – Can be sold for 150 gold.
  • Moose Antlers – Sold for 150 gold.
  • Rabbit Pelt – Sold for 30 gold.
  • Wolf Pelt – Sold for 65 gold.
  • Boar Hide – Sold for 50 gold.

Cooking in Stoneshard
As mentioned above, only two animals in the game drop meat as of now; Moose and Deer. You will also be able to find meat while scouring deep through the dungeons.

However, once you have the required ingredients to fulfill your appetite, it’s fairly easy become a chef.

All you will need to do is simply locate a campfire in the game. As you explore the game’s barren lands, you will often find bandit campfires, which are perfect for cooking your food.

Get close to the fire, open your inventory, press right click, and cook whatever you need.

Aside from bandit campfires, you can also find a campfire in Osbrook, in the home left of the herbalist.

Start the fire, and get to cooking yourself a buffet; you deserve it! Feel free to fulfill your character’s hunger.

Hopefully, the future of the game will introduce added depth to the hunting mechanics; and we will be able to gather resources from a number of animals rather than just two.

Stoneshard can most certainly introduce a lot of new things into the hunting and cooking mechanics, and they probably will.