Phil Spencer Wants More Japanese Xbox Games To Ensure Their Global Success

A recent interview with Phil Spencer on the podcast Gamertag Radio asked a lot of questions of the Xbox Vice President, one of the main ones being how he believes that the Xbox Series X can help to get more Japanese-published titles on the Xbox One, both first and third-party.

Anyone that knows the origin point of the Playstation knows that Sony and Nintendo are the dominant platforms in Japan. While the Xbox does have a number of users in Japan, they are far outstripped by the numbers of Nintendo and Sony fans that are also playing games.

This discrepancy, in addition to leaving Xbox with a huge almost-unreachable market, has also resulted in there being a dearth of Japanese Xbox games that are developed, both in terms of first-party and third-party games. Phil Spencer, however, wants to change all of that.

While there are a number of games originating from Japan that have been on the Xbox in the past, such as From Software’s Dark Souls series, those are almost entirely multiplatform titles and past Dark Souls, other From Software games have been Playstation exclusive, such as Bloodborne.

Spencer said that he’s reached out to various publishers and developers in order to try and help assure them that Xbox is also concerned with helping them to reach global success in order to try and get more third-party and first-party games from that country.

As the lack of first-party exclusives has been a big flaw in the Xbox One ever since its release back in 2013, managing to persuade more developers and publishers from Japan to take the Xbox into consideration could be a big help for the Xbox Series X when it comes out at the end of this year.

While that’s still no guarantee that Japanese Xbox games will gain more of a presence on the console in the future, hopefully Spencer’s efforts will come to fruition with the Series X at some point in the future.