Borderlands 3 Plans For Valentine’s Day Revealed

Borderlands 3 will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a new seasonal event called Broken Hearts Day where enemies across the board will feel the love in typical Borderlands fashion — chaos and mayhem.

Following the upcoming update, enemies in Borderlands 3 will be accompanied by special hearts that take a variety of forms. Shooting these hearts will result in a number of effects, ranging from damage buffs to temporarily converting enemies to allies. They can also explode for “a pile of loot” — further clarifying that the more hearts you break, the more rewards you get to unlock in the game. Gearbox Software has already confirmed five rewards to gain from the new seasonal event, including special skins and legendary weapons unique to Broken Hearts Day.

  • Break 10 hearts – unlock an echo skin
  • Break 25 hearts – unlock a weapon trinket
  • Break 50 hearts – unlock a Maliwan SMG with a chaining beam
  • Break 75 hearts – unlock a Valentine’s Day player skin
  • Break 100 hearts – unlock the Wedding Invitation, a Jakobs sniper rifle

Not to forget, Borderlands 3 will also be increasing the level cap from 50 to 53 once the update goes live in the coming days. In other words, players who make use of the seasonal event will get three additional skill points to spend in their skill trees.

Broken Hearts Day will arrive on February 13, one day before Valentine’s Day. Take note that the seasonal event will last for an entire week. Hence, you have a small window of opportunity to unlock some exclusive loot unique to Broken Hearts Day. The seasonal event will go live for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia all at once with the same rewards.

Furthermore, a community “love letter” revealed several quality-of-life changes that you can browse there here. Gearbox Software teased that there’s more to come for Borderlands 3 and all eyes should be at PAX East later in the month. “Want to learn more about that upcoming content?” teased the developer. “Be sure to tune in to the Gearbox panel at PAX East on February 27! The panel will stream live on starting at 11:30 AM Pacific / 2:30 PM Eastern / 7:30 PM GMT. Expect a whole bunch of exciting content announcements, including the full reveal of Borderlands 3’s second paid campaign expansion!”