Leaked Footage Shows Flight Simulator 2020 Gameplay

Last year, Microsoft revealed a gameplay trailer for their upcoming Flight Simulator game. A YouTuber leaked two videos which contained more Flight Simulator gameplay. The videos were immediately taken down but a Reddit user by the name of u/Colonize-Mars already uploaded the videos on Reddit.

The videos offer a glimpse into the world of a pilot. The franchise is known for its real-life depiction of flying an aircraft. The first video is over 30 minutes long. It shows a flight from takeoff to landing. Throughout the video, we are treated to stunning visuals of the blue sky followed by photorealistic scenery. The complex machinery of the cockpit is also showcased as we experience a relaxing flight.

The second video is almost 24 minutes long and includes a flight through a thunderstorm. We can see the pseudo-realistic interpretation of stormy weather as we fly around in our plane. The cracks of thunder accompanied by constant rain and hovering dark clouds creates an intense situation. We feel as if we are sitting in the cockpit experiencing this perilous journey ourselves.

The most recent iteration of the series was the Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. This game was a ported release of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition. Though it has been a while since the last game, fans seem excited than ever for the upcoming Flight Simulator game. Ever since Microsoft announced the game at E3 2019, the anticipation for the game has been building up.

Aviation enthusiasts are sure to find the game mesmerizing while casual gamers can be awe-struck by the realistic simulations provided by the Flight Simulator 2020. If luck is on our side we could see the game being released on the Xbox Series X console. The realistic environments of the game could surely use the beefed-up hardware of the next-gen console.

There is no official release date for the upcoming Flight Simulator game but it is expected to release somewhere in 2020.