EA Job Listing Hints At Frostbite Engine Support For Nintendo Switch

Recently EA’s Motive Studios put out a job listing for a Rendering Engineer. The information inside the listing could suggest that the Frostbite Engine support for Nintendo Switch may turn into a reality after all.

A multitude of games have been developed utilizing the Frostbite engine. Need for Speed: The Run and most of the Battlefield games run on this engine. DICE developed the engine to focus primarily on using it for FPS games.

Though Electronic Arts still has plans to release more games on the Nintendo Switch, there seems to be no proof of it. A Youtuber by the name of Doctre81 propagates the possibility of the Frostbite engine coming to Nintendo Switch. Being the originator of the rumor, he sifted through various Linkedin profiles of EA’s software engineers.

The Youtuber found out that EA’s Linkedin page is looking for a rendering engineer. This engineer needs to be specialized in multiple platforms including the Switch. The Linkedin profile suggests that this engineer is required to “develop” in the Frostbite engine which does not even support the Nintendo Switch, yet.

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch was not released on the Frostbite engine. It was similar to FIFA 20 as EA released both games on a custom-made engine. However, if Electronic Arts did bring the Frostbite Engine over to Switch, this could open up endless possibilities. EA could bring numerous other games to the Nintendo Switch as well as update their FIFA series on the hand-held device.

Having Frostbite engine support for Nintendo Switch would be a big deal. Nintendo is making a ton of money with its hand-held device. Having Frostbite engine support would mean that games like FIFA could run on the same engine as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Electronic Arts recognizes the importance and success of Nintendo’s machine. We may actually see this come to fruition in the near future.