Biomutant Release Coming On March 17?

It has been almost three years since THQ Nordic gave the announcement of their upcoming title, Biomutant. After the announcement, fans have been raring to get any official Biomutant news. Now, some rumors suggest that the Biomutant release could arrive on March 17.

If dates on video game sales pages are anything to go by, THQ Nordic could release Biomutant next month. Shopto indicates a March 17 release for the upcoming title. InstantGaming on the other hand also lists the game for the same release date.

When two, video game sales pages, show a release date for a game, it seems very plausible. However, it would be a missed opportunity by THQ Nordic to not promote such an anticipated title themselves. If the game is coming out next month, we should have seen more movement from its publisher. The reliability of these pages is doubtful, to say the least.

Biomutant will allow the player to take control of a raccoon as the game’s protagonist. You will undertake the journey to rescue a giant tree that is under attack by different bosses. Defeating the bosses is the goal of the game before the tree is destroyed. Players will get multiple gadgets and vehicles that will make their journey less perilous.

Along with the gadgets, your raccoon character will gain various Biomutant abilities. These abilities include levitation and telekinesis. You will have to survive the wasteland called Dead Zone with the help of these powers and gadgets. The premise and details of the game point towards a distinctive gaming experience. No wonder fans want Biomutant to come out as soon as possible.

The Experiment-101 game made its last appearance in Gamescom 2019. We have enough details about the gameplay and premise of the game but nothing about its release date. Neither THQ Nordic nor Experiment-101 has given any official news regarding the release date of Biomutant. Hopefully, we get some official Biomutant news soon, as these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt.