The Outer Worlds Switch Port Delayed Due To Coronavirus Concerns

Nintendo Switch owners who were looking forward to the Outer Worlds Switch port will unfortunately have to wait a while longer to get it. The coronavirus epidemic that’s currently making waves in China has resulted in the porting studio Virtuos having to delay the port’s release for their employees’ safety.

The Coronavirus, which first began in Wuhan in China, has been the subject of international news for the past several weeks despite China’s best efforts at preventing news from getting out. Several thousand people have died from it and hundreds of thousands more have been infected.

The disease has other countries scrambling to avoid having any of its citizens get sick, and multiple gaming events in China and elsewhere have been cancelled or postponed until the epidemic is brought under control. Unfortunately, this also means the Outer Worlds Switch port is part of them.

While it’s been announced that an Outer Worlds retail edition would be getting released instead, there’s no telling just how long it will be before the Switch port can actually come out, as despite the delay announcement no new release date was forthcoming.

The subject of whether or not The Outer Worlds would be getting a port on the Switch was the subject of some debate in the weeks following its release before we finally got confirmation that it would be coming to the console at some point. Originally, that was March 6.

A new launch date is expected to be brought up shortly, but again we have no idea of when that is, and the retail version of the game for the Switch will likely be coming around that time, too. While hopefully the Outer Worlds Switch port isn’t delayed badly, it’s even more important that all the people at Virtuos stay safe.

Otherwise, you can still play The Outer Worlds on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch.