Xbox Series X Aiming For Higher Performance Than The PlayStation 5, Says Daniel Robson

In a recent live stream, IGN Japan’s chief editor, Daniel Robson stated that the Xbox Series X is aiming for higher performance than the PlayStation 5.

In Robson’s words:

There is no doubt that the Xbox Series X is aiming for overwhelmingly higher performance than the PS5

He then went on to add:

PlayStation 5 instead wants to be cheaper than Xbox Series X because of the difference in technical specifications

These comments from IGN Japan’s chief editor indicate that the Xbox Series X’s hardware exceeds that of the PlayStation 5. Sony seems to have figured that out and wants to adjust by making the PS5 less expensive. At this point, making hardware changes seems very unlikely.

The battle between the upcoming PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X is getting intense. Both Sony and Microsoft want to win this generation’s console war. Factors such as pricing and performance will have a huge impact on how the new console ecosystem turns out to be.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer already believes that the Xbox Series X is more powerful than the PlayStation 5. Microsoft’s next-gen console is supposedly four times more powerful than the Xbox One X.

Phil Spencer also shared some pictures last month of the Xbox Series X CPU. Those pictures suggested that Microsoft was targeting 8k resolution with their next-gen console. Although 8k resolution is yet to be the norm for games, it seems Microsoft is pushing the boundaries with their hardware.

Another factor that influences buyers to gravitate towards certain consoles is their gaming ecosystem. Fans have found the PlayStation exclusives to be much more diverse and captivating than the Xbox exclusives. Hardware could be a non-factor for the Xbox Series X if the PlayStation 5 has more interesting games.

Brand loyalty and comfort are other things to consider as well. Players want the best games running the best way they can. Hopefully, the Xbox Series X’s superior hardware is coupled with engaging exclusives.