Looks Like Cuphead’s Coming To Xbox Game Pass

The next possible addition from Microsoft to the more than impressive library of Xbox Game Pass will allegedly be Cuphead.

Earlier today, the official Xbox Turkey Twitter account (via Reddit) was spotted to have posted a small video that not only featured the brutal platformer but also contained the Xbox Game Pass logo (and hashtag) on top. The tweet, which was apparently sent out sooner than scheduled, was deleted soon after but holds a clear confirmation that Microsoft will be announcing Cuphead for Xbox Game Pass in the coming days or weeks.

Cuphead was released back in 2017 to stellar reviews. The platformer-shooter, all rolled into one, was inspired by the works of Walt Disney Animation Studios from the 1930s. Fact is that developer-publisher StudioMDHR created a game that closely emulated the cartoons from the aforementioned era but with a highly challenging (sometimes frustrating) gameplay. Some even went as far to dub Cuphead as a Souls-like platformer — purely in jest, obviously, but despite the steep difficulty curve, Cuphead has now sold over 4 million copies across all platforms. It was one of the best games that 2017 had to offer.

Creating Cuphead was not small feat for StudioMDHR but fans are now wondering if a sequel could possibly be in the pipelines. Last year, some breadcrumbs led people to believe that a second entry was indeed on the drawing board. However, even if the rumors are true, the original took nearly five years to see the light of day. Hence, if Cuphead 2 is indeed in development, it’s best to not expect a release anytime soon.

As far as Xbox Game Pass is concerned, there may be more in the pot than just Cuphead. A couple of weeks back, there were stern hints that The Division 2 might be landing on the popular subscription platform. Unlike Cuphead, The Division 2 is just a year old, having released early last year. With Microsoft pushing to expand Xbox Game Pass, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a recent game like The Division 2 get added as well.

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