Crash Bandicoot Mobile Game Incoming?

It seems like that a Crash Bandicoot mobile game is being developed by King Digital Entertainment.

Twitter users by the name of JumpButton and Motwera, stumbled upon a page which showed screens and promo art of a Crash Bandicoot mobile game. They supposedly found the link by searching the name on Facebook.

When you visit the site, at the top right, the title says “Crash Bandicoot Mobile” and below it is written, “King”( referring to King Digital). The site says that the game is not yet available. It then asks you to complete a short survey to improve its development.

The validity of this site is questionable but the promo art seems legitimate. People were quick to comment on the model design of Crash Bandicoot saying that they did not like the design. Other people said that it seemed like a clone of Temple Run, a popular mobile game series.

The Temple Run series made the ‘endless runner’ game style, popular on mobile. These types of games have a character that runs endlessly and players have to guide it through obstacles. You can also run through rewards and claim them.

But video game series like Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot were the pioneers of this genre. It makes sense that the Crash Bandicoot franchise would eventually step into the mobile world. Mobile games seem to be the new fad because of their success. Video game company’s such as Konami and Square Enix as well as other ones are banking in on the mobile market.

Activision spent $5.9 billion to acquire King Digital in 2015. King Digital is known for its popular Candy Crush Saga series. The puzzle themed game series was ahead of Pokemon Go and Fortnite in terms of sales in 2019.

It seems like Activision also wants a successful mobile game franchise in the form of a Crash Bandicoot mobile game. Although no official announcement has been made, the possibility of the Crash Bandicoot series making its way to mobile seems high.