Next Team Ninja Game Might Be A New IP Rather Than Nioh 3

Nioh 2, the sequel to the original Nioh that came out back in 2017, is now very close to releasing, specifically only a few months away. However, even with it almost here, Team Ninja is already discussing what the next game will be. The next Team Ninja game won’t, however, be a Nioh game.

At least, that’s what Ninja Theory staff are hoping. With the past few years being focused on two different Nioh games, it’s no surprise that Team Ninja wants to shake things up a bit. While the games have gotten good reviews and Nioh 2 seems better than ever, it’s no surprise they want a change of pace.

Nioh puts players in the role of various samurai in an alternate Japan where various spirits attached to a person are able to aid them in battle. Japan is currently under threat from hordes of yokai and demons that threaten it, and you’re part of the effort to hunt them down.

Unlike the original Nioh, where you played a pre-established character with a pre-established plot, Nioh 2 will allow players the opportunity to customize their own characters and go through the story, and meeting a large number of other samurai along the way.

The next Team Ninja game, according to a statement from studio lead Yosuke Hayashi, will be intended to get a new IP from the studio out onto the Playstation 5, taking advantage of that console’s greater capabilities to go beyond what the studio has been able to do before.

Whether Team Ninja will get the opportunity to make a new game for the Playstation 5 remains to be seen, but hopefully after Nioh 2 releases they’ll be able to do what they want. A new Team Ninja game would be a welcome break from Nioh, but if you’re excited for Nioh 2 (and the difficulty it promises), you can buy it exclusively on the Playstation 4 on March 13.