Coronavirus Forces Nintendo Switch Production Delays

The ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus has greatly disrupted the production of the Nintendo Switch and related peripheral devices in China.

In an official press release sent out just now, the company notes that the infection has impacted both production and shipment. In addition to the hybrid console itself, the Joy-Con controllers and also the Ring Fit Adventure game are expected to be delayed. The company has promised to keep monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and work to deliver products as soon as possible. This also means that Nintendo will cease taking any further pre-orders for the new Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch.

For those unaware, Sony and Microsoft also rely heavily on China to make its console. It’s not just Nintendo. Overall, a significant percentage of console units — said to be over 90 percent — are produced in China for all three companies. Hence, the infection outbreak could possibly hamper Sony and Microsoft as well.

“Due to the current outbreak of the new coronavirus infection, it is expected that production and shipment delays will be inevitable for peripheral devices such as the Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con produced in China for the Japanese domestic market,” says Nintendo. “Similarly, shipments of the currently out-of-stock “Ring Fit Adventure” are expected to be delayed.”

Last week, organizers of the Taipei Game Show decided to cancel the event until further notice due to the coronavirus. Originally scheduled to kick off next week, the Taipei Game Show will now try to take place sometime in the summer. However, without a clear date, chances of the event happening will most likely be based on how widespread the coronavirus will be in the months to come.

The Switch has been out for nearly four years. There were rumors that a new Switch model may release later in the year but those rumors have now gone silent. Considering how well the Switch has been doing, there may not even be a need for another model or variant.

Last week, Nintendo confirmed that Pokemon Sword and Shield have sold over 16.06 million copies as of December 31, 2019. Take note that Sword and Shield were released for the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019. They saw an almost instant success, having sold over 6 million copies in the first week alone. The following holiday month to conclude 2019 resulted in a massive boost to sales worldwide and pushed the latest installments past the 16 million threshold.

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