Cliff Bleszinski Wants Back On Gears Of War

Following the departure of Rod Fergusson, Cliff Bleszinski has expressed an interest to be consulted by Microsoft for future Gears of War installments.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Bleszinski teased that Fergusson had a lot of his “unused ideas” for the franchise and if Microsoft makes a move now, he would be willing to share those ideas with the developers. Bleszinski also teased that he needs to only hand over “three pages of notes” for a community-loved Gears 6 installment. He even added that there remains one thing that he really wanted for the fourth installment but it never happened.

Like Fergusson, Bleszinski was also a great reason for Gears of War’s success. He worked on the franchise with Fergusson for the first three installments. When Microsoft swooped in to acquire all rights, Bleszinski parted ways to open his own development studio. Unfortunately, Boss Key Productions had to be shut down in 2018 following a terrible performance with LawBreakers and Radical Heights. Despite the low notes, Bleszinski was a core part of what made Gears of War so iconic. Hence, he likely has a few top ideas to push the franchise further.

Whether Microsoft takes up the invitation remains to be seen. Until then, Fergusson is all ready to join Blizzard next month to oversee the Diablo franchise. That includes everything, from the new Diablo 4 to the infamous Diablo Immortal.

Diablo 4 remains without a release date and is reportedly in early stages of development. Latest speculation pins a release somewhere in 2022 at the earliest, meaning that Fergusson can start investing his thoughts into the game right now and mould Diablo 4 according to what he deems best.

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