Bleeding Edge Closed Beta Starts Valentine’s Day For Pre-Orders, Alpha Participants

If you were one of the people that pre-ordered Ninja Theory’s upcoming game Bleeding Edge or took part in its technical alpha, you’re in luck. The Bleeding Edge closed beta, the first one in this phase of development, will be kicking off on Friday, February 14, on PC and the Xbox One.

Bleeding Edge aims to both distance itself from Ninja Theory’s previous offering with Hellblade while at the same time doing something original with a current genre. In this case, the gameplay of Bleeding Edge is a hero-slasher, rather than a hero-shooter such as games like Overwatch.

Rather than shooting at one another, players will be using melee weapons in combat, though we’ll have to get a look at some of the gameplay from this closed beta before we can really tell just how different the game actually is from various hero-shooters.

While the Bleeding Edge closed beta that’s starting next weekend will be the first one, there will also be a second coming March 13. This second beta’s existence was revealed through a leak, though who knows how many more there will be since the game launches on June 27.

PC players who have pre-ordered the game on Steam to get access to the technical alpha will be able to pre-load it closer to the time of the beta. Those who played the technical alpha will be getting codes for the beta through email.

The beta will open on February 14 at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time, 1 PM Eastern Standard Time, and 6 PM Greenwich Mean Time, and will be closing on February 17 at midnight, 3 AM, and 8 AM at those same times, so you’ll only have the weekend to play if you can.

An open beta will likely follow after the two closed betas are done, but if you have the ability to play the Bleeding Edge closed beta, you’ll be able to get in first. Once again, the game will be coming out June 27 on PC and Xbox One.