Batman Gameplay Leak Hints At Co-op, Playable Batfamily

We recently covered that the new Batman Game form WB Montreal will supposedly reboot the franchise. It seems that this leak from GWW also suggests that the Batman gameplay will feature co-op and a playable Batfamily.

The gameplay of WB Montreal’s Batman games has been one of its most captivating aspects. In the first game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, players were exposed to a whole new style of combat. Being the caped crusader was exciting enough on its own but players could actually beat the crap out of enemies in multiple ways.

The following games in the Batman Arkham franchise fine-tuned the gameplay while adding some new elements. In Batman: Arkham Knight, players had the dual-play feature where you could switch between two characters in certain parts of the game. But, there was no co-op in the game and it seemed like a missed opportunity.

These recent leaks are not in any way, authentic but they do indicate that the next Batman game will feature co-op. The co-op feature will let two players play simultaneously as characters, other than Batman. These characters will be chosen from the Batfamily.

If you are unfamiliar with the Batfamily, the term is used to refer to a group of characters close to Batman. The Batfamily includes Batman’s adopted crime-fighters. These characters took the mantle of Robin and were Batman’s sidekicks. They are Dick Grayson, Time Drake, Jason Todd, and Damian Wayne respectively.

The Batfamily also includes other associates of Batman. These characters are Alfred, Lucius Fox, and Commissioner Gordon. There are several other characters in the Batfamily that fight crime alongside Batman but not as his sidekicks. These characters include Batgirl, Batwoman, Huntress, Batwing, Bluebird and even the anti-hero, Catwoman.

We are unsure whether the entire Batfamily will be playable in WB Montreal’s next Batman game. At the very least, we should expect to be able to play as Batman’s sidekicks. Having cooperative multiplayer in this next entry will surely attract old school gamers.

WB Montreal is yet to announce the next Batman game.