Warframe Update 1.82 Hits, Many New Gameplay Changes And Tweaks

The latest Warframe update, Warframe update 1.82, has finally dropped on consoles, bringing with it a huge amount of different changes and tweaks to the existing game along with adding in some new content for the game in general. While you can look here for the full patch notes, we have the important stuff.

To start off with, Digital Extremes has given the Playstation 4 version of Warframe a remastering, refining the game so that it now takes three gigabytes less of space on the console’s hard drive. You won’t have to re-download the game to get the remastered version, either.

Console players in general will also be getting a 7-day resource booster in their inbox once they download Warframe update 1.82, as thanks for their patience. You have until February 11, next Tuesday, to download it. Consoles in general have also gotten performance upgrades.

The update also has a number of cosmetics that are coming as part of TennoGen Bundle 64, which contains cosmetics and designs from a number of the community’s top fan-artists. These include skins for weapons and armor that can all be downloaded for free.

Along with all of these, the game’s Railjack system will also be getting a sizable number of changes. Various new weapons, mechanics, and crew modules and whatnot have been changed for balance issues or to increase or decrease their combat power.

Things like avionics for fighters have also been changed, and carrying capacities have also been added for things like Ramsleds to keep enemy teams from being able to send an infinite number of them knocking at the door to your Railjack.

Finally, Warframe update 1.82 has also changed around the way the Kuva Lich system works, including what weapons you can get from them and what all they can do. For more specifics than we can post here without making the article prohibitively long, you can find the patch notes in the link posted in the first paragraph.