Playstation 5 Reveal Event Will Actually Be In March, Says Leaker, Along With Pre-Orders

Despite rumors saying for the past several months that the Playstation 5 reveal event would be happening sometime this month, in February, now a new leaker has said that the Playstation 5’s reveal will be in March, and pre-orders for Sony’s new console will also become available during that month.

The leaker, who goes by PSErebus on Twitter, posted a tweet that said that the Playstation 5 event would be happening next month. While it might be annoying to have him switch the date around so close to when it was originally supposed to happen, PSErebus has been accurate before.

Previously, he had correctly predicted the original release date for The Last Of Us 2 in February, though since then that’s been made inaccurate since Naughty Dog delayed it to come out May 29. He also predicted the console would release November 20 of this year for $499.

However, Sony has yet to say exactly when the Playstation 5 reveal even twill be, when the Playstation 5 will release, or what the price will be, so if PSErebus is correct about those, we’ll have to wait and see what Sony says first. And they haven’t even officially unveiled the console yet.

With Sony not coming to E3 for the second year in a row, there’s no telling when they’ll actually make an announcement date or show off what the Playstation 5 can do, but considering that both consoles are highly likely to launch at the end of the year, Playstation doesn’t have much time to muck around.

Official information about the console is very sparse so far; we don’t even know what it looks like. While we’ve seen what might be dev kits for the Playstation 5, dev kits are never actually used as the final design of the machine.

If the Playstation 5 reveal event actually is going to be sometime in March, hopefully Playstation will announce an official date soon so all of the speculation can turn to what games it will have. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for any Playstation 5 news.