Activision Patents Annotated Gameplay Streams

With several platforms available to stream gameplay, Activision has patented a way to share that footage with additional user-generated content.

According to the official abstract of the patent, which was accepted last month, Activision is envisioning a system that will automatically log gameplay information from streams. These gameplay details will then be available for users to use and generate footage to highlight those particular events.

In an example, Activision notes that esports broadcasters could use the patented system to broadcast streams with graphical overlays and commentary. In the same way, esports replays may be annotated by users to highlight points of interest. Activision also notes that the system may facilitate sharing of loadout conditions, such as in Call of Duty, and microtransactions relevant to the footage.

In short, Activision is looking to create an automated system that records specified events during gameplay, which users can then access to create clips or replays and share them further on social media.

E-Sportscasters May Use The System To Broadcast Video Game Playback With Their Commentary And/Or Graphical Overlays. Video Game Players May Use The System To Share Video Game Playback Efficiently With Other Users.

A few months back, Activision was spotted patenting new methodologies that can track players on various performance metrics and display the sorted data in real time. The idea is to have a system that continuously monitors in-game sessions to obtain and arrange vital information through fairly detailed (and helpful) heatmaps. This patent looks like something that could work in tandem with the patent from last month.

Activision has been patenting some fairly interesting trademarks. The company also acquired rights to a system that analyzes online profiles of players to create clones of those very players. It starts with monitoring player-activity such as in-game handles, sportsmanship, playstyles, choice of weapons and items, choice of modes and companions, and spending habits. The mining methods also cover demographic information such as gender, location, income levels, and such.

Once all of the necessary details have been stacked, the patented system will then begin creating non-playable characters (NPCs) that behave in similar fashion. Hence, populating online games with clones that will be difficult to distinguish from real players.

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