New Babylon’s Fall Gameplay Showcases Destructive Combo

The people over at PlatinumGames keep endorsing their upcoming role-playing game, Babylon’s Fall. Their Twitter team has been releasing snippets of gameplay which give us new insight into the fantasy-driven world. PlantinumGames showed a short video that showcased an explosive combo in Babylon’s Fall.

The combat system already seems crisp and mesmerizing with what we have seen so far. This new footage of Babylon’s Fall is just seven seconds long. In this clip, we can see the protagonist destroying an enemy with a deadly combo. This is one of many combos that the main character will be able to perform to take down his foes.

We can see the protagonist, hurling the enemy in the air and then dealing, multiple blows to him. The main character then uses something like a grappling hook to launch himself towards the airborne foe. Finally, he smashes the enemy into the ground with a crushing blow.

The background that PlatinumGames chose, to display this Babylon’s Fall clip, comprises of huge pillars. These pillars seem to be part of a castle while the ground and the pillars are covered with some kind of glowing plant. This castle-like setting is filled with humanoid enemies and creatures. So yes, the combat has PlatinumGames signature all over it.

For our protagonist to survive the onslaught of enemies, the player will have to traverse the secret areas of the map. This will allow the player to acquire the skills and the equipment necessary to progress in the game.

Babylon’s Fall is an upcoming original title from Square Enix and PlatinnumGames. Their official website states that the game was originally announced for release in 2019. The release of the game was delayed and there is no further information regarding the matter. Sony released a trailer for Babylon’s Fall about a month ago.

Babylon’s Fall will be available on the PlayStation 4 and PC.