Madden NFL 20 is Most Successful Game in the Franchise

Electronic Arts released its flagship, American football game, Madden NFL 20 in August of 2019 which has become the most successful game in the franchise.

The title has received numerous updates since its release including the superstar KO! update. Electronic Arts recently came out with a report highlighting their earnings for the fiscal year of 2020.

Among the various games discussed in the report by Electronic Arts, Madden NFL 20 had some interesting results to show. Here is what the Electronic Arts had to say about Madden NFL 20:

Madden NFL 20 is our most successful game ever in the franchise, setting multiple records for player engagement and the highest net bookings through a holiday quarter.

Electronic Arts’ had a new avenue of $1.593 billion while their operating expenses rested at $724 million. Their earning per share ended up being around $1.18, $0.26 better than their expectations.

Their total net bookings were $1.978 billion for this quarter which was 23 percent more than last year. According to EA, Madden NFL 20 performed the best in franchises’ 30-year run. The game’s average selling prices were enormous. The discounts that were applied to the game were smaller and were applied later than expected.

Electronic Arts also saw an increase in their digital net bookings. They bagged $1.444 billion worth of digital net bookings which were 20 percent more than the previous year.

Madden NFL 20 also contributed to their live services net bookings. They were up by 27 percent to $993 million. Electronic Arts stated that their latest American football game showed growth in double-digits in the live services sector, praising it for its success.

The video game company sold 49 percent of their games through digital downlands compared to last years’ 47 percent. The statistics were measured on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One.

Electronic Arts have had a very profitable fiscal year of 2020, to say the least. They were hopeful that their earning would increase in the upcoming fiscal year. With Madden NFL 20 receiving numerous patches and updates such as the X factor and the superstar ko update, it seems even a niche game such as this is proving to be an outstanding success for Electronic Arts.

At this point, pursuing this genre and providing new entries in the franchise seems to be a no-brainer.