Google Stadia Problems Force Google To Respond To Customer Complaints

Late last year, Google released its own video game streaming service, Google Stadia, which it touted as the next step in video games. Not requiring a console and streaming games to your device of choice, Stadia has unfortunately not lived up to the hype as Google Stadia problems keep cropping up.

With such an ambitious launch and without any sort of console, Stadia immediately ran into problems on its release. Despite claiming that it wouldn’t have any latency there was a huge amount of latency and lag and connectivity problems, many games that had been promised to be on the service were not, and the subscription model irked many gamers.

This resulted in the service losing a huge amount of subscribers, to say nothing of the amounts of people angered at the monetization and lack of anything like a family subscription option or even a free mode for interested people to try out.

While Google has said that 2020 will be a great year for Stadia, the service has been out for months at this point with barely any community updates or technical support. There have also been no games added recently, Even though a sizable number of the promised titles have already been released on other platforms.

Google itself stated that all of the allegations of various Google Stadia problems aren’t true, and claimed that they are committed to the success of the service and that it’s up to the publishers to decide when to release their games on Stadia.

Google claims that the Stadia team is currently working on things like 4K resolution and wireless controls to its network, though whether or not this actually turns out to go anywhere remains to be seen. That’s not even taking a lack of promised games into consideration.

Several studios have actually put their hopes in Stadia, such as Tequila Works, who made their puzzle game Gylt available exclusively on Stadia. With luck Google will be able to address all of the different Google Stadia problems and actually make it a competitive service, but we’ll just have to see.