After Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor Cuts Content As Well

Instead of the yearly season pass, For Honor will be receiving a battle pass for its fourth year of content. Ubisoft has also decided to reduce the number of new heroes from the previous four to three as the third-person dueling game fully adopts a live service model in the coming weeks.

The new battle pass will become available on February 6 when For Honor officially kicks off its first season dubbed Hope. Ubisoft has confirmed (via VG247) that the battle pass will feature a hundred levels and include a free, as well as premium, progression track. Those who purchase the battle pass will have the opportunity to earn cosmetics, weapons, executions, color swaps, and more — all worth a million Steel according to the developer. Like with any other battle pass, For Honor will track progress through matches, daily orders, and arcade quests.

The only thing left unclarified is just how players will unlock the new heroes. While the previous season pass guaranteed access to new heroes, the new battle pass of For Honor may require players to reach specific milestones before gaining access. Either that or players will get immediate access to all new heroes upon purchasing the battle pass.

A couple of weeks back, Ubisoft confirmed that Rainbow Six Siege will be receiving only six operators this year instead of the usual eight. The move naturally left majority of players disappointed but in a clarification, Ubisoft assured that the missing two operators will ultimately benefit the entire community. This is because the developer is diverting resources from creating new operators to creating new features and systems aimed at all players, not just those playing the newest operators. It may reason that Ubisoft is doing the same with For Honor and will be focusing more on content and features other than just simply dropping new heroes.

For Honor, released back in 2017, is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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