Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 Hotfix 2 Is Live, Fixes And Improvements

Deep Rock Galactic has received Update 28 Hotfix 2. You can now download this hotfix on PC (Steam). You will find that Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 Hotfix 2 has various fixes and improvements especially with the poor performance it had on some graphic cards. Something else that stands out in this hotfix is that they updated and moved the Abyss Bar Menu to a more intuitive location.

This is an attractive action and exploration proposal with a nice science fiction backdrop. The game is mainly focused on cooperative gameplay as a first-person shooter. With a major emphasis on teamwork, and with several class options to choose from, Deep Rock Galactic offers procedurally generated worlds and with enormous possibilities of destruction. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 Hotfix 2.

  • Changed the key to activate Dash to double tap on SPRINT. You have to be moving forward for it to activate.
  • [COMMUNITY REQUEST] Space Rig – Bar Menu updated and moved to more intuitive position
  • Gems that are taken directly from Bosco will no longer fall through the floor if you press X while carrying it
  • Fixed snow/sand storm effects applying permanently if you go down during a storm and disabled the player from sprinting
  • Attempt to fix a bug where players would sometimes fall through the map
  • Berzerker Perk description cooldown error fixed
  • Fixed performance issues on certain graphic cards
  • Fixed glowing spots not spawning on clients when digging around embedded gems
  • Fixed a bug that enabled other Beastmasters to “charm” other peoples pets
  • Beer mugs will no longer teleport into the Drop Pod. However, the throwing is jankier than usual which will be fixed soon!

Here you will find the complete list of Deep Rock Galactic Update 28 Hotfix 2 patch notes. I remind you that Ghost Ship Games’ Deep Rock Galactic released for PC in early access and Xbox One Preview on February 28, 2018.

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