Coronavirus Forces Taipei Game Show To Cancel

Due to the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus, organizers of the Taipei Game Show have decided to cancel the event until further notice.

Originally scheduled to kick off next week, the Taipei Game Show will now try to take place sometime in the summer. However, without a clear date, chances of the event happening will most likely be based on how widespread the coronavirus will be in the months to come.

Fact is that several game publications (via VG247) were already avoiding the event as a precaution. Even if the Taipei Game Show takes place in the summer, the fear of the coronavirus will still impact the overall number of attendees. Suffice to say, the safe thing to do right now is to stay clear of places with a large number of people. The Taipei Game Show attracts more than 320,000 visitors annually by the way. Just one mishap would be a catastrophe.

“We are deeply sorry to announce the different decision from our committee,” reads an official statement. “2020 Taipei Game Show was originally scheduled to take place on Feb 6 – Feb 9. However, due to the serious outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus, we have decided to postpone the event to this summer.

Sony, Bandai Namco, Sega, Google, and a number of other companies were previously scheduled to attend the Taipei Game Show. Sony was actually rumored to be bringing Elden Ring along and many were keeping their fingers crossed for a reveal. Elden Ring began development in early 2017 right after Dark Souls 3 received its last expansion pack, The Ringed City. While not a Souls installment, the mysterious game will still be themed around dark fantasy and has been teased as a “natural evolution” to the Dark Souls franchise.

Furthermore, CD Projekt Red was just reported last week to be attending as well. The developer was said to be prepping to showcase new Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay and behind-the-scenes footage. Unfortunately for fans, the cancellation of the Taipei Game Show means that they must now wait further to see if any announcements will be made on their own.

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