Code Vein: Hellfire Knight Blood Codes Guide

Blood Codes act as sort of character classes in Code Vein and the new DLC has added a few more to the game. This Code Vein: Hellfire Knight Blood Codes guide will give you information about the 3 new playable Blood Codes.

Code Vein: Hellfire Knight Blood Codes

All three of these Blood Codes in Hellfire Knight require you to actually own the Hellfire Knight DLC first. Once you unlock the Blood Codes with the information below, you can alter your playstyle.


Surt is a Blood Code which features high stamina that is perfect for a fast, mobile combat. Though it offers low HP, but the strength and fortitude is appreciable

How to Unlock Surt
In order to unlock the Blood Code Surt, you need the Hellfire Knight DLC in the first place. And then you need to complete the Knight Monarch Overthrower Horror Hunting Trial.

You can complete it by defeating the Hellfire Knight without having your HP reached to 0 more than five times.

Surt – Base Stats

  • STR: S+
  • DEX: C+
  • MIND: C+
  • WIL: C+
  • VIT: D
  • FOR: S

Achilles Blood Code

Achilles is a Blood Code that offers dynamic combat with impressive dexterity and stamina.

The strength, will power, mind and vitality are not as good as they should have been though, however, the high dexterity and stamina covers the weakness up.

Achilles – Base Stats

  • STR: D+
  • DEX: S+
  • MIND: D+
  • WIL: D
  • VIT: D
  • FOR: S+

Achilles offers two gifts of Skill type and two of Light type. All of them are Active and here is the complete description:

Gift#1 Tranquil Slice: A skill type gift which lets you perform an unperceivable attack from a still stance with One-Handed Sword.

Gift#2 Circular Cleaver: A skill type gift which lets you leap while doing a spinning slash with a one-handed Sword, Halberd or Bayonet.

Gift#3 Invigorating Rush: A light type gift that restores stamina after successfully dodging the enemy.

Gift#4 Serene Stance: A light type gift which lets you immediately take up a stance to calm your mind and restore the stamina.


Asclepius is a Blood Code that utilizes bountiful HP and Stamina to aid partners with support Gifts. It offers good willpower but amazing vitality and fortitude.

How to Unlock Asclepius
You can unlock this Blood Code by acquiring Hellfire Knight DLC. Once you have the DLC, you need to go find it in the location where it is located.

You can find it in the hallway between the Crypt Spire and Provisional Government Outskirts. Go to this location and then go down the stairs on either sides of the Entrance after Juzo Mido’s room.

You will find the Core in the same room you find Map of Fiery Oblivion.

Asclepius – Base Stats

  • STR: C
  • DEX: C
  • MIND: C
  • WIL: D+
  • VIT: S+
  • FOR: S+

Asclepius Blood Code offers five gifts which are all of Light type and are all active. Here is the complete detail:

Gift#1 Ichor Resonance (Receive): It grants you Ichor whenever your partner gains an Ichor.

Gift#2 Ichor Resonance (Send): As it is a send type, it grants your partner an Ichor whenever you gain and Ichor.

Gift#3 Offensive Order: This gift temporarily lowers your defense and increase the attacking power both for you and your partner.

Gift#4 Defensive Order: Opposite to the Offensive Order, this one lowers the attack and increases defense both for you and your partner.

Gift#5 Zero Recast: It increases the gift cooldown time for your partner by resetting it to zero.