Code Vein: Hellfire Knight Blazing Heretic Boss Guide

If you are struggling at the Blazing Heretic Boss of Hellfire Knight, you have come to just the perfect place! We have covered here all the details about the Code Vein: Hellfire Knight Blazing Heretic Boss.

This guide contains tips on how to defeat the Blazing Heretic in the Hellfire Knight DLC such as attack counters, ability suggestions and more.

Code Vein: Hellfire Knight Blazing Heretic Boss

The battlefield for this Boss Blazing Heretic is located in the North side of the map. The area is covered all in lava with narrow rocky surfaces in between to stand and fight upon.

If you stand over the lava area, you will take a lot of fire damage so it is best to avoid during the Blazing Heretic boss fight.

The Blazing Heretic throws five different types of deadly attacks during the Hellfire Knight DLC boss fight which you have to dodge with great skill in order to stay safe.

Spinning Attack
This attack is called as spinning attack as the Heretic will jump two times in the air while spinning to finish with a sword strike. If not defended properly, this attack can cause serious damage.

Counter: All you have to do is to dodge left or right of this attack and you will be in safe zone.

Sword Charge
The Blazing Heretic will scream and then charge with his weapon by performing a swing attack and then will strike the ground leading to the creation of an AoE blast.

Counter: Dodge to the side first and then run away of the blast radius.

Three Hit Combo
The Heretic also performs a fast and powerful three hit combo in the forward direction. He gets a step closer to you with each combo.

Counter: As he gets closer to you with each combo, you have to step back two times in order to stay safe.

Two Hit Combo
It is a long ranged attack starting with a sword thrust and ending with an elbow strike.

Counter: Dodge either left or right and then take a step backward as it is a long ranged one.

Flame Burst
It is one of the deadliest attacks as he creates a complete circular Fire wall around him which deals you great damage if you strike to it. It lasts for a complete minute.

Counter: There is no other way but to stay away of this firewall.

Once you have successfully defeated the Blazing Heretic in Code Vein, you will be rewarded with 1x Asclepius Vestige Part A.