Pokemon Sword And Shield Sales Hit 16m In Just One Month

Pokemon Sword and Shield are both enroute to become one of the best selling installments in the iconic franchise to date.

According to an earnings report by Nintendo from earlier today for the third quarter ended, over 16.06 million copies have already been sold as of December 31, 2019. Take note that Sword and Shield were released for the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019. They saw an almost instant success, having sold over 6 million copies in the first week alone. The following holiday month to conclude 2019 resulted in a massive boost to sales worldwide and pushed the latest installments past the 16 million threshold.

Based on available sales metrics for the franchise, Sword and Shield have already crossed Black and White. The latest installments now need to only sell about 0.36 million copies to cross Sun and Moon, Ruby and Sapphire, and X and Y. Diamond and Pearl, which has sold over 17.67 million copies to date will require Sword and Shield to sell over a million copies and in all fairness, could be a strong possibility by the end of the year.

Should Nintendo manage to hit the magical 20 million threshold with Sword and Shield, the latest installments will become the third best-selling Pokemon games in history.

Despite the impressive launch figures, the release of Sword and Shield was not without controversy. A sizable portion of Pokemon players were angered by the number of available Pokemon only being 400, and many of their models and animations being supposedly recycled despite the game being on the more powerful Nintendo Switch. Even with such criticisms, the games have proven to be quite well-reviewed by most outlets, and its sales figures being the highest in the Nintendo Switch’s history are also something that can’t be mistaken for its popularity despite unrealistic flaws.

If you’ve just started with Sword and Shield on the Nintendo Switch, consider going through our extensive guide portion for help.

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