This Final Fantasy 7 Watch Costs $2,500

Do you consider yourself a big enough fan to spend on a highly expensive (and unique) Final Fantasy 7 chronograph timepiece? If not you, then there will be others, or at least Square Enix certainly believes so.

The official Square Enix Store was recently updated (via GameRant) to house a $2,500 watch, all taxes included, that will come in two different designs: one based on Cloud Strife and the other on Sephiroth. Manufactured by Seiko Instruments of Japan in collaboration with K-uno’s craftsmen, the two Final Fantasy 7 timepieces “will be the centerpiece of anyone’s collection for years to come” — according to the official blurb.

The Cloud Strife watch features a wolf emblem and a stainless-steel case with a mirrored finish. The Sephiroth watch on the other hand features a one-winged emblem and a stainless-steel case but with a black finish in reference to the character. Both watches also feature a nacre central disk inspired by Mako, the liquid version of the lifestream appearing in Final Fantasy 7. They also have transparent panels in the back to let owners see the inner gears.

Something important to note is that the watches shown by Square Enix are just prototypes and hence, the final product may vary. In addition, anyone who pre-orders will be unable to cancel their orders. Both Final Fantasy 7 watches are scheduled to release on March 31, 2020. They will be available in only limited quantities — 77 pieces per design with a unique serial number.

Provided that there are no delays, the watches will be shipped before the release of the Final Fantasy 7 remake on April 10, 2020, exclusively for PlayStation 4. The game was previously scheduled to arrive in March but was then pushed further back by a month. The new release date means that the highly anticipated remake will be locking horns with the Resident Evil 3 remake, another long-awaited and highly wished overhauling.

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