F1 2019 Update 1.20 Released, Optimizations And Bug Fixes

F1 2019 has received Update 1.20. You can now download this patch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You will find that F1 2019 Update 1.20 has quite a few optimizations and various bug fixes. Something that stands out in this patch is that they addressed an issue where DNFs would incorrectly show with the fastest lap indicator in the season results tab.

F1 2019 is the latest installment of the F1 championship simulation saga. Once again, and with the help of Codemasters, the game has all the official teams, drivers and the 21 circuits of the 2019 season. This year it mimics the F2 with contents of the current season that arrived as a free download, as well as an improved driving system, and the arrival of drivers and teams of legends. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding F1 2019 Update 1.20.

  • Safety car deployment frequency has been adjusted so that it is more likely to come out within race sessions.
  • Addressed an issue where the Logitech G29 rotary dial could not be assigned in a clockwise direction
  • Further stability fixes
  • Addressed an issue where progress would not be saved in Practice 1 in Australia of a new career.
  • Addressed an issue where a selected team-mate would change if the user exited the game before completing Practice 1 in Australia of a new career
  • Addressed an issue where DNFs would incorrectly show with the fastest lap indicator in the season results tab
  • Addressed an issue where Butler and Weber would appear after skipping the F2 Feeder Series if the user quit in Practice 1 of Australia
  • User will now be warned before purchasing upgrades towards the end of a season if the department has experienced a regulation change
  • User can now enable the track map for the session they are spectating
  • Users can now manually navigate through the weekly event prizes

Here you will find the complete list of F1 2019 Update 1.20 patch notes. I remind you that Codemasters’ F1 2019 released on June 28, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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