Code Vein: Hellfire Knight Abyssal Doppelganger Boss Guide

One of the big enemies in the new Code Vein DLC is Abyssal Doppelganger. In this Code Vein Hellfire Knight Abyssal Doppelganger Boss Guide, we will show you how to defeat this monster.

Hellfire Knight is a DLC update for Code Vein which has brought many new items, new weapons and some new enemies for you to face off. In this guide, we will tell you how to defeat the Abyssal Doppelganger Boss.

Code Vein Hellfire Knight Abyssal Doppelganger Boss

The Abyssal Doppelganger boss can be found in the Depths: Fiery Oblivion area of the DLC. To access this area, you need to own the Hellfire Knight DLC. You will require the Map: Fiery Oblivion which can be found in the hallway between the Crypt Spire and Provisional Government Outskirts.

After you enter the map, keep going until you reach the area where the Mistle is located. There will be an altar to your right. Here you have a choice of going left or straight. You will find Abyssal Doppelganger by going to the left path.

The main boss, Hellfire Knight itself is on the path that goes right so make sure to avoid that unless you think you are ready.

Recommended Items

  • Stun ability
  • Fast Weapon

 How to defeat Abyssal Doppelganger in Hellfire Knight DLC

The Abyssal Doppelganger’s attacks vary in two forms: Melee and Mage. During the mage form, he will shoot small projectiles towards you.

In this attack, It will gather Ichor and cast 4 small and slow-moving projectiles that deal high damage. To counter this attack, move away from the projectiles until they time out and disappear.

He also has a projectile barrage attack in which it will gather Ichor and throw a barrage of small projectiles in a cone forward. Dodge this by moving to either left or right.

Another attack is the Big Projectile in which it will cast a big projectile above his head and throw it to the player. Move to either side to dodge this attack.

While in Melee form, the Abyssal Doppelganger will act like a normal Sword-Wielding Antler Lost. They do not have any special attacks and will only perform regular attacks.

After you defeat Abyssal Doppelganger, you will be rewarded with 1x Asclepius Vestige Part B

The boss is very weak to Stun damage so timing it well can be very useful to take down the boss easily. It also can be perma-stunned using a fast weapon.